Thailand had been a gateway to southeast Asia for many types of travellers, one of the most visited countries in the world. Adventure fans are heading to Krabi, and digital nomads are heading to Chang Mai and parties are going to Koh Phangan. Over three hundred and eight million tourists visited the county for their magnificent beaches, delicious food, exotic culture, and historical temples in 2018.

The “Land of smiles” as Thailand is recognized as a destination that should appear on your list of buckets because of its extremely polite, reserved citizens. Here are a few ideas to make your trip more enjoyable if you intend to visit Thailand already.

Here Are Some Useful Tips Before You Visit Thailand:

• What should you pack?

Make sure to carry stoles and scarves when you visit the shrines to cover your head, as a sign of respect towards their culture. Also, make sure you bring all your prescribed medicine as you may not quickly get them over there. Make sure to stack up on sunscreen as you will need them if you visit during summers, as well as when you visit the various beeches. Also, make sure to carry trekking equipment as Thailand has a lot of famous trekking zones.

• Beware of Tuk-Tuks/Taxis

If you’re from the West, tuk-tuks will be something new to you, and you will be tempted to get into one to travel around the city. However, it is advisable to be cautious and only get into one if you’re in a group. A lot of tourists have had horrible experiences with Tuk-tuk drivers as they ask for too much money, and will sometimes take you to high-end stores, with the excuse of them being tourist attractions, and pressurize you to buy something. Discretion is highly advised.

• Enjoy street food

Seriously, the street food in Thailand is the ultimate experience. Not only is it remarkably cheap, but it’s also the better option rather than restaurants for the most part. Most restaurants in Thailand are overpriced and do not contain the variety which street vendors do. 

 You are in Thailand! Immerse yourself in the culture. When in Thailand, do as Thai do.

• Ride the local ferries in Bangkok

Were you guys aware that Bangkok is labelled East Venice? It is called because there are many canals, and one of Bangkok’s most popular ways is via ferry.

Some ferries are available, but the majority of them are tourist traps. Take the local boats to get the best price. They ‘re straightforward to find. Search for the orange flagged vessels. The trip costs only 14 Baht (about $0.39). You can, therefore, spend the day exploring Bangkok via canals for low prices!

• Carry bug spray

Malaria alerts are available in Thailand, so it is essential to be careful, mainly if you are on the islands because you would not want to get bitten by mosquitoes. However, although most travel sites suggest taking malaria pills, they are not necessary. Malaria pills are a little frightening and can give adverse reactions such as night terrors. Avoid the pills and shower in a natural spray bug, and you are all right!

• Research before you visit animal sanctuaries

In Thailand, it doesn’t mean it is “legit” only because an organization brands itself as an “animal sanctuary” Animals in Thailand form a large part of tourism. They don’t matter whether the animals are injured or not.

Do your research and find real sanctuaries that do their part to stop horrendous animals like elephant riding if you would want to do something that will help them instead of hurting them.


Public bathrooms in Thailand aren’t that great. • Usually, paper towels and soap are not available. There’s also no toilet paper nine times out of 10.

And we even met some bathrooms with a bucket of greywater to wash with, which were just holes in the ground. It is advisable to carry personal toilet paper and hand sanitizer and keep them on you for the entirety of your trip.

Hence, this was our list of useful tips to know before you visit Thailand. Keep these in mind and have a blast on your trip.

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