5 Beaches in South Goa For A Perfect Beach Vacation

5 Beaches in South Goa

If you are craving for an offbeat adventure or merely a laid back experience, then there are no other places that could beat the coastal beauties of South Goa. In contrary to the neighboring vibrant North Goa beaches, these beaches are rather serene and not spoiled by large crowds. The peaceful vibe and the picturesque setting will undoubtedly tempt you to have a relaxing vacation at some of the best South Goa beaches. Not to forget, the full range of accommodations, from great beach huts to luxurious resorts, will also ensure you a fantastic stay.

So if you plan on taking up the challenge to unravel the relatively undiscovered beauties of South Goa, then it’s time to look at the round-up of some of the best South Goa beaches of all time.

Mobor Beach

Considered as one of the cleanest and best South Goa beaches, Mobor is a wonderful stretch of solace, sand, and peaceful Sun. Popularly known for the magnificent hotel ‘The Leela,’ this beach won’t disappoint you when it comes to the enjoyment of water sports or a serene stroll across the peaceful streets. The glorious sands and swaying palms offer just the right atmosphere for enjoying a relaxing pastime or simply lazing in the shade.

Majorda Beach

What could be better than enjoying the mesmerizing view of the sunset across a cozy beach shack? If you dream of living in a moment like this, then Majorda is just the right place for you. Visiting this beach will let you enjoy the delectable seafood and the authentic Goan food that will surely take care of your unexpected hunger pangs. This secluded beach also has some gorgeous homestays where you could readily spend your vacation without any hassle.

Cabo De Rama Beach

This famous beach is quite an attraction of South Goa, mainly because this place is simply the perfect spot for having a fun-filled picnic. The bright sand, swaying coconut palms, and freshwater will definitely encourage you to take a much-needed swim in the clear waters. Besides, you could also get a view of the famous Cabo De Rama Fort on the hill. The uniqueness of the beach is it being slightly rocky, offering a breathtaking view of the rocks slicing the incoming perfect waves.

Cola Beach

The next addition to the list is yet another best South Goa beach that, unfortunately, remains entirely unexplored. Though it requires a bit of off-roading to reach, visiting the enchanting Cola Beach is worth it. A boon to curious adventure souls, this beach, along with its iconic lagoon, is all about enjoying the magnificent view and indulging in the endless opportunities in water sports. Photography freaks will definitely have a great time clicking pictures of this untamed beauty that is worth the visit.

Benaulim Beach

Visiting the famous beach of Benaulim as soon as you enter South Goa seems to be a tradition followed by most of the tourists. No wonder why this beach is always referred to as the best South Goa beach. Lined up with some popular beach shacks and restaurants known for their fine dining, Benaulim offers numerous thrilling sports activities along with some classic and beautiful beach resorts. Having visited Benaulim, one must definitely visit the famous restaurants such as Farmhouse Bistro end the Southern Deck to indulge in a night full of fun and music.

To Wrap Up

With the presence of few shacks scattered across the vast stretch, South Goa beaches are again the best destinations for those who wish to enjoy a peaceful holiday while enjoying the refreshing breeze brought by the abundance of water.

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