Things Not to Do in Phuket

Things not to do in phuket

Phuket is one of Southeast Asia’s leading beach destinations. The best beaches and luxurious resorts can be found conveniently in Phuket right in Thailand. Learning Thai culture and customs will make your stay in the paradise of the islands much more fun. Like with any country, there are a few things which tourists should avoid doing as they may be disrespectful or offensive to the locals. 

Here Are Some Important "Don'ts" While In Phuket:

• Do not disrespect the Royal Family

Similar to any country with a Monarch, the Royal Family in Thailand is highly respected, and any action which seems to disrespect them may well lead to severe repercussions.  You may be surprised how profound this respect is during your vacation. When the national anthem starts to play, everybody stands in front of the screen. Just a minute, don’t be concerned, but please stand. The national anthem plays across the country 8 am and 6 pm in Bangkok and more in Chiang Mai. Absolutely everybody freezes immediately as a sign of respect.

Thai royal family

•Do not wear shoes inside temples

It’s well known to leave your shoes outside before enetring holy places and you probably already know this. As all other countries, when in Thailand, be sure to open your footware before entring temples. This is done, obviously, as a sign of respect, and also helps to keep these temples clean.

things not to do in phuket

• Do not visit temples in short clothes

Temples are highly venerable places of worship, and it would seem common sense to dress in a church or mosque appropriately. At least one’s going to think that. Sadly, it is not unusual to see guests walking casually in sleek shirts or skirts. You should wear at least a T-shirt containing sleeves, skirts or short pants, reach the knee level. This code of dress is used only for a few temples, including the Bangkok

Grand Palace, but in principle, it extends to every temple in Thailand. Monks live on temple grounds, so it is advisable to wear less revealing clothes as a sign of respect.

•Do not point your feet at someone

It does not appear to be much, but in some cases it’s not respectable or insulting to point your feet to someone’s feet, the feet being the lower part of the body and in contact with the earth’s dirt. As the Thai people are friendly and not necessarily confrontational, nobody will tell you to take your feet off your table. Still, you’re going to appear disrespectful, and they won’t have a very positive perception of you after you leave your place.

So this was our list of some things which tourists should avoid doing while in Phuket. Here’s hoping that you found this article useful, and of course, enjoy your trip to Phuket. 

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