Similan Island phuket

Phuket is a land of paradise for ocean lovers and travelers. The crystal clear water and the picturesque vista soothe one’s mind and offer solace to his soul. Similan Island is a trendy tourist destination located in the northwest direction of Phuket. It is an offshore island and is widely visited by tourists because of the large number of adventures and fun it offers.

The island is located in the Andaman Sea, and the azure waters seem to have merged with the bright, blue sky. The waters shelter a variety of marine life, and one can also spot coral reefs. The wonders indeed never cease in the Similan Islands.


The Similan Islands offer a wide variety of spectacles and wonders. Tourists are mesmerized by the natural beauty of the island, coupled with the cordial hospitality of the local people. 

The best places to visit while you are in the Similan Islands are listed below:

  1. Topographical discoveries

One of the most striking things about these islands is their beautiful and unusual topography. Similan Islands are a group of 11 islands with unique natural creations. The boulders peek at the face of heaven and due to weathering and tides, fantastic archways littered with corals and other marine growth can also be seen. This is since the Similan Islands have been consumed by the roaring waters at specific periods.

  • Donald Duck Bay

The Donald Duck Bay is a classic bay region and offers accommodation to the tourists who visit Similan Islands. There is a dive site in this bay that attracts large numbers of tourists. Besides, the unique boulders that are quite easy to explore function as major attractions.

  • Similan Islands National Park

The group of islands is also very famous for its wildlife. It includes a large variety of marine life like Leopard sharks, Manta rays, Hawksbill turtles and coral reefs. It is much enjoyed by divers.


Similan Islands offer a large number of options to tourists. Preferences vary, and many tourists love to engage in adventurous activities. They often climb the rough and unusual boulders that offer a beautiful view of the entire island, and one feels he is on top of the world.

  1. Snorkelling and Scuba Diving

The diving season in these islands usually extends from late October to May. The waters are at a favorable temperature during this time that provides the divers with exceptional diving experience. They can explore deep trenches, asymmetric coral ridges, and rocky gorges while looking at the magnificent marine life. The colors under the water are so breathtaking that the Similan Islands are called one of the best scuba diving destinations in Asia.

  • Liveaboard diving

If you are one of those tourists who always explore places in minute detail, then you should opt for liveaboard diving. One can choose the best liveaboard tour that suits their budget and visit all main diving spots. The tour offers a variety of dives differing in level of difficulty and also incorporates night dives.

  • Hiking

The glistening Similan Islands, although small, offers extensive flora to the tourists. One can easily spend their days in this island exploring the dense forests and discovering less ventured places.

Accommodation and Budget

Tourists are only allowed to stay in the three islands of Koh Miang, Ko Tachai, and Ko Similan because there is a rising need to preserve the marine life in the surrounding waters.

A one-week trip to the Similan islands costs 37,151 bahts for one person. 

In conclusion, the Similan Islands is a beautiful place to visit if you want a peaceful and adventurous vacation. The vista is breathtaking, making it an experience of a lifetime for you and your loved ones.

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