Kareri Lake Trek In Mighty Dhauladhar Range Dharamshala

Kareri Trek

Kareri Lake is another high mountain lake with clean water, sourced from the glacier water of Minkiani Peak of Dhauladhar Mountain Range of Himalayas. Kareri Lake trek is open between March to Oct. This trail is a long but enjoyable easy trek.

In Kareri Lake there is sufficient space for camping, all you need to carry along is a Sleeping bag, Mat and foodstuff.

The Lake hosts temples dedicated to Lord SHIVA and SHAKTI.
From Kareri Lake, one can head to Baleni Pass and Minkiani Pass and Lam Dal…longest high mountain lake of Dhauladhar. Between June to mid-September, you will find Gujjars and shepherds around Kareri Lake

I want to start by saying that this was the first trek I’ve done after Triund in 2017 all my Travel journey start after this trek fall in love with nature and hills Now, you might wonder why I am emphasizing so much on my inexperience as a trekker. That’s because if there is anyone out there who is keen on taking this trek but feels demotivated because it sounds difficult/taxing, don’t give it a second thought and just go for it.

Having said that, yes – the trek is bit tough, mainly because the terrain is quite rough and wild including a lot of heavy climbing (STEPS!!!) for a very steep part of the way. If I am being honest, I did try to turn away from the trek but my friend push all the way up, and I willingly agreed to fall for the “just a little more” trap laid out before me. Was it worth it? It was totally Worthit


  • Starting Point: Kareri Village (Reach by road from Dharamshala or Trek from Naddi)
  • Last Point: Kareri Lake (further treks possible)
  • Time Required: Overnight stay (Start in the morning and come back the next afternoon)
  • Water Sources: Stream flows all along the trail
  • Food Sources: Multiple places selling Maggi, tea, snacks, and eggs along the way.
  • No villages on the way
  • Animals: Snow Leopards in Winters (Off-season time)
  • Other Trekkers: During season time
  • Total Distance: 11-13 kms (based on where you start)

Full Itinerary

Trek level: Beginners
Start from: Kareri Village, Dharamsala (1.5 hours from Dharamsala main market)
Trek duration: 5-6 hours (Going up) 4-5 hours (Coming down)its depend upon Your speed and Stamina
Brief Itinerary:

Day 1:- We Start our Journey from Dharamshala around 8 in the morning and we reached Kareri village around 9, Initially one has to cross the fields of Kareri village and then step on a road that connects Kareri to Nehuli.

After walking for two Kilometers one can reach the Kareri-Nehuli Link bridge and from there take a right deep into the forest. The distance from this point shall be 10 Km. If one travels via Pathankot and turns left from shahpur and then to nehuli village then the vehicle can be parked at this bridge. This way one can save a lot of time we unload the stuff we required in the starting point and check our bags and eatable. we start our journey around 10.15 in the morning. it was a bright sunny day, but as I mention earlier there are lots of steps and it makes this terrain a bit hard for the 1st timmer Initial climb involved cut steps which appeared steep. It took me around two hours to climb these steps to reach another side of the hill.

I hadn’t completed even half of the trek and I could feel the aftereffects of less Stamina combined with high altitude. In such a situation chocolates can be a lifesaver. My Friends were always 200 meters ahead of me and I walk in some sort of hangover clicking photographs managed to keep the pace. Walking few meters and stopping for a minute was something I had never experienced to such an extent earlier and soon we reached the midway of our trek, a beautiful camping site and the first glimpse of snow on upper reaches. and we Had our Maggie and tea Break over there

There is no shortage of water throughout the journey as river Niyund shall always accompany you. The route becomes more and more beautiful with a blend of boulders, Devdars, Rhododendron Trees, and a small river flowing through them. There is a shop at midway camping site which is operational during season and stocks chocolates and some basic eatables for hikers. February being an offseason, the shop was shut.

We had to cross the stream multiple times to avoid the bigger patches of snow. This made our trek longer and tiring. After a few hours, it was getting dark but we were lucky to be there near a full moon night. The moon stayed with us as we found our way to the top. Around 5.30 We reach the Kareri lake. We managed to find some dry wood to be used as fuel to cook our delicious dinner which turned to be another setback in this trek later on..
Just a few hundred meters before the Lake The Majestic Dhauladhar Range with Minkiani Pass can be spotted.

Day 2:- We Wake up early in the morning to get some good nature shot and time-lapse, meanwhile by friend prepaid the breakfast and i was just mesmerizing the beauty of nature, we eat and recharge out self in the sunlight. We want to stay for some more time but as the weather is very unpredictable so I decide to move so we start our journey back to Kareri village around 11 and we reach down around 4 in the afternoon where we parked our car.


  • Everyone in this region is very friendly they’re part of the ‘Gaddi’ community, one of the friendliest people you’ll meet.
  • You can get the trail from Kareri village to Kareri lake on Maps.me, thanks to Inditramp.
  • Once you reach Kareri Lake, you’ll forget all your tiredness. Enjoy the beautiful views and camp there overnight. It’s really important to stay overnight to get the full experience if you traveling from Delhi or some other Part. There are Homestay in kareri so you will get accommodation very easily
  • You can carry a sleeping bag and mat and sleep near the temple. It’s cold and there are no doors or windows or proper roofs in the temple stay.
  • Alternatively, you can carry your tent and pitch it on the various potential camping sites around the lake. This is a better option.
  • Please don’t leave anything in the hills. Carry your rubbish and stuff back with you. There isn’t a proper garbage disposal system there as you’re in the lap of the Himalayas so make sure you get it back and dispose of properly.
  • You can continue your trek beyond Kareri Lake to Laam Dal Lake if the weather and your body permits. It’s better if you have a guide for this one. Alternatively, you can do this trek during Janmashtmi when all the villages do it. You won’t need a guide and you’ll get free food along the way.
  • There is a shop at the temple where you can get basic stuff and perhaps even food as I’ve heard. Everything was closed due to weather conditions while I was there hence I’d have no first-hand food reviews from this shop.
  • The next morning, trek back to Kareri village. Don’t skip the sleepover at the lake which is the essence of the experience.


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