How to Spot a Ladyboy in Phuket

Ladyboy in pattaya

The nightlife in Pattaya is beautiful and is one of the prime attractions for the travellers. The beauty of the nightlife is enhanced by gorgeously dressed people who are known as ladyboys. Studies show that there are approximately ten thousand to one lakh transsexuals in Thailand, and they are claimed to be re beautiful than the Thai Women and are easily mistaken for a woman.


The Thai Ladyboys are mostly interested in surprising people, and they are not generally plotting for a trap. If you are not interested in what they are offering, they will be happy to leave you alone. Below mentioned are some pointers that will be beneficial for the travellers to distinguish the Thai Ladyboys from Thai Women.


• Their Height

An average Thai woman’s height is approximately 157 to 158 cm which is about 5 feet and 2 inches, on the other hand, a Thai man’s height is about 167.5 cm that is, 4 inches taller. Neglecting the exceptions, a person taller than the height as mentioned earlier, with large feet and hands, are probably not Thai women.

•Their Behavior

This point may sound ridiculous, but the Thai Ladyboys act too feminine. They behave in a more ladylike manner than the actual ladies, and everything about them is over exaggerating. The way they talk, walk and overreact to simple issues are very eye-catchy.


If you see a person who has a more obvious way of swaying the hips, walking like they are on the ramp doing a fashion parade, having an exquisite posture especially while seating and over-applied makeup and is continuously teasing their hair, then there are high chances of the person being a Thai Ladyboy. The Thai Ladyboys are excessively flamboyant, and they can be easily separated from the crowd.

•Their Voice

Pattaya’s Soi 6 and 6/1 are famous for its beer bars. The ones in Soi 6 have female staff while the ones in Soi 6/1 are Ladyboys. They call out to their customers by a melodic croon of “Hello, handsome man,” and they have a typical voice which is much deeper than a female voice and is easily recognisable by the nasal tone.

•Their Appearance:

The Ladyboys love shine and shimmer; they dress up in a very fancy manner and have feathers as a part of their accessory. The first impression you may draw when you look at them is that they are cabaret dancers as their outfits are different from that of the local crowd. Their dresses are too revealing, and even when compared to the locals on Walking Street where everyone is barely dressed, the Ladyboys take a step more to flaunt their body.

•Physical Structure:

There are specific attributes of a male body that is difficult to hide. Men generally have a broad physique. The Ladyboy’s tend to have narrower hips, and broad shoulders, thicker veins, more full jaws, and straighten wrists. If you spot anyone dressed as a woman but having these traits, obviously chalking out the exceptions, there is a possibility that you have located a Ladyboy.


Always be sure of the stuff before stating something that might hurt someone’s sentiment. There is a social stigma attached to being transsexual, so maybe you can trick question the other person to be sure. If the situation demands, you can always ask for their IDs.


We hope that this article gave you a few helpful tips to identify a Ladyboy in Thailand. 

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