Himachali Dham One of Oldest Traditional Food Culture In India

Himachali Dham

Himachal Pradesh is the tourists’ paradise. It is one of the most beautiful places in India, numbering by small yet fantastic hill stations here and there. It is an absolute wonder to get yourself immersed in the magnificent valleys, gigantic waterfalls, and the heavenly hilltops overlooking a mesmerizing view. Visiting the beautiful corners of Manali, Shimla, Kulu, Rohtang, etc. gives a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to the visitors.

Himachal Pradesh, apart from being the apple of the tourists’ eye owing to its gorgeous spots, is also known for its traditional cuisine and recipe of Dham.

Himachal Pradesh is rich in food culture and heritage. Dham is a traditional Himachali dish prepared by the natives for occasions such as marriages and local festivities. Dham is prepared from the staple nutritional ingredients of rajma, kadi, sepu bade, and Madara. It is an authentic Himachali cuisine.

If you are around Himachal Pradesh during your vacation, you should not let go of an opportunity to try this dish out.

Below we have mentioned a couple of spots where you can get an authentic taste of the dish.

• Kullvi Dham

Serving of the Dham in Kullu is done with rice. Seasonings of rajma Madra, gnocchi Madara, and chickpea madra a are added along with it. Alongside the Dham, there are servings of kadhi, channa, and sweet rice. Altogether, the preparation of Kullvi Dham is a delicious one.

Kullvi Dham is readily available in the town of Kullu, along the Delhi-Manali highway. You should make a stop here and try the dish out.

• Kangri Dham

Kangri Dham is the most popular kind of Himachali Dham that is consumed and enjoyed mostly by the locals. The Kangri Dham Thali is served with dal and tousled with spicy and ghee. Usually, black lentil dal is used, but moong dal can also be used. Some shops prepare the dish with mustard oil as well. Along with the Kangri Dham, there are servings of side dishes like chana, sweet curry, and chickpeas madra.

The name Kangra Dham can be misleading; it implies that the Dham is a specialty of the Kangra Valley. However, it is not so. You can taste the Kangri Dham in Palampur. One of the best towns to try out this Dham is in Maranda, Palampur.

• Chambyali Dham

Chambyali Dham is one of the tastiest variations of them available across Himachal Pradesh. Topographically, Chamba can be regarded as the place where Dham had emerged. Chambyali Dham is one of the most excellent qualities prepared in Himachal.

Chambyali Dham combines madra, rajma, and Kala chana; it is mixed with ghee and served with rice, pulao, or halwa. Sultanpur has some outlets that trade in authentic Chambiyali Dham.

• Mandiyali Dham

Mandiyali Dham differs mainly from other Himachali varieties of Dham in how it is served. The serving procedure follows a grand scale method. The meal begins with the serving of gram flour mixed with syrup. Next to follow are spinach leaves, gravy, and rice. Next, sour pumpkin serving and black lentil dal are served. There is Madra is also along with rice., To finish it off, a buttermilk beverage from curd and water is served. In this excellent method, Mandiyali Dham is prepared and offered.

Mandiyali Dham is widely available in the town of mandi. This type of Dham is the most commonly available Dham and is very popular among tourists.

That was our share of some of the best-tasting Himachali Dhams across the state and where to eat them.

Go through the list and make sure to incorporate the mentioned spots in your itinerary. Do not go without tasting this authentic Himachali dish!

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