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The highlight of our exploration of Thailand was certainly Phuket. Below, the best places to live in Phuket will be shared with you. I guide you to the mountainous island of the Andaman Sea, where to stay at Phuket. Most are drawn to the magnificent beaches and the island of Phuket. It can be not easy to find where to stay at Phuket for the first time.

These isles have a long colonial history, being colonized by British, French, Portuguese, and Chinese forces, each giving something unique to the indigenous culture. Hence, various influences from these colonizers can be found in the architecture and food. Meal products and spices, mixed with flavours from India, Malaysia, Indonesia, and elsewhere and from restaurants to street vendors, dominate local cuisine, which is rich in flavour.

Here Are The Best Places To Stay While In Phuket:

• Old Phuket

Phuket’s narrow streets are full of great restaurants, boutiques, and unique attractions. Phuket is also the provincial capital and the largest urban area on the island. This is the ideal place for people who want to be different every day, full of discoveries and experiences. The city has incorporated many facets of the varied cultures that have made it the location for stunning architectural designs and features over the years. Phuket City, the centre of local life, is undoubtedly the best place to explore “true Thailand” and to discover local markets.

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• Patong

Patong is the most popular beach resort city on the island and one of Phuket’s most popular travel destinations, situated on the West Coast. It is a popular spot for visitors and locals alike, with a lovely white sand beach facing the Andaman Sea. Stay at Patong Beach only a half-hour away from the most revered Buddhist Temple of Phuket, Wat Chalong. 

 The Jungceylon Shopping Complex is a welcoming shopping haven, apart from the beaches, restaurants, and clubs, if you’re looking for one of those exciting places in Phuket that attract people after having fantastic nightlife. Bangla Street, a busy party area that provides a stimulating, after-dark environment also is renowned for its thrilling nightlife.

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• Karon Beach

Karon Beach is Phuket’s second most popular place south of Patong. Karon Beach is the third largest white sand beach on Phuket, between Patong and Kata. The beach has asphalt pathways, and a grand downhill canal with footbridges is situated here.

You will snorkel and dive throughout the day at the beach. The beach is grand enough not to feel crowded even if it is a popular tourist and local beach. Besides being pleasant at the beach during the daytime or at one of the many sights in the area, the nightlife in Karon Beach is thrilling. Moreover, this location provides affordable lodging to premium hotels.

•Kata Beach

This is the best place for families to stay in Phuket. Kata is the perfect compromise between Patong’s hectic pace and Karon’s tinyness. Katon sits on the west coast of Phuket along the pristine beaches of white sand. She is a favourite of families, but for many travellers she provides plenty. Yet Kata has not stopped from developing its unique atmosphere for visitors to the area because it’s smaller and less hectic. You will undoubtedly find something enjoyable to do as a family, couple or single traveller; from clubs to outdoor cafés and restaurants.

Kata beach phuket

•Kamala Beach

Kamala is another famous town in Phuket. The nightlife one comes to expect from regions such as Patong is not as crowded or offers a more quiet and relaxed sensation for Phuket. Kamala Beach is not crowded as in Patong or Karon, while there is also a beautiful beach open to visitors and residents alike. Kamala Beach also has several international hotels and houses that attract retirees and long-term visitors (e.g. Marriott Courtyard, Marriott Courtyard). So take time off, relax, and enjoy a slower pace of travel.

Hence, this was our list of the best places to stay in Phuket. Here’s hoping you find this list useful and enjoy your travels. 

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