Chitkul Travel Guide

Are you planning to embark on a Holiday? Are you a traveler who loves to scour the mountains and the rocky terrains? Well, you are justified in your passion.

Mountains have a different aura of beauty surrounding them, which no other landscape can surpass. You may dive into the deepest of waters, roam through the darkest of forests, and the beautiful barrenness of deserts, but mountains will still stand soaring above in terms of beauty and thrill.

If you are looking forward to spending a vacation amidst the beauty of the mountains, we have something amazing to offer to you!

1.All About Chitkul

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The beauty of Chitkul is unsurpassed. For your convenience, we have compiled a helpful Chitkul Travel Guide.

Of all the hill stations that India has to offer, Chitkul is one of the best and most amazing hill stations you can travel to in the country. Atop the high-rising Himalayas, the mesmerizing scenic beauty that Chitkul exudes is like no other. Its fantastic natural beauty and picturesque hilly topography are what travelers are attracted to the most.

2. Where is Chitkul located?

Chitkul is located in the Valley of Kinnaur of the Himachal Pradesh district of India. To its east, stands the Tibetan Highlands; the Garhwal Himalayas on the south; to its north is the Spiti valley, and Kullu on the western end.

Citizens and tourists are not allowed to venture beyond the point where Chitkul ends. Hence it is colloquially known as the “Last Village in India.”

Sangla Valley is the nearest settlement to Chitkul. Across the point where Chitkul boundary ends, stands the Indo-Tibetan Border.

3. The Weather

The general weather in Chitkul remains fresh and pleasant throughout the year. The winter time in Chitkul can get a bit too severe. The summers are mildly cold, just the appropriate amount.

The temperatures in summer remain as high as twenty degrees only; winter temperatures drop significantly to nearly five-degree celsius.

The monsoons in Chitkul can prove to be pretty rough, because of the threat of landslides that it can impose. Consequently, winters in Chitkul are bone-breakingly painful. The lowest temperature recorded in this region is minus twenty degrees Celsius. For the majority of December through February, the place remains below snow cover.

The most suitable time to visit Chitkul for a vacation is from April to June and from September to October. Furthermore, one can also travel to Chitkul during August-September, to experience the harvest season for apples.

4. Ways of Reaching Chitkul

If you are planning to reach Chitkul via bus or any other public transport, you may get in touch with the HRTC department. From Shimla ISBT, you can get an HRTC bus for Chikul.

If you want, you can also make a stop at Sangla or Reckong Peo en route.

From Sangla, you can avail of another bus and make your way to Chitkul.

If you are traveling via road, you can either drive yourself forth or book a taxi from Shimla and drive along the NH 05 to reach this small village.

5. Tourist Attractions

Around Chitkul

The small town is along the bank of the river Baspa. You can take a walk along the magnificent river-side, and enjoy the crystal clear glacial water, reflecting off the sky.

List of tourist destinations in and around Chitkul –

  • Batseri
  • Sangla Meadows
  • Kamru Fort
  • Bering Nag Temple
  • Brelengi Gompa
  • Borasu Pass trek

Tourist Activities

Several other activities in Chitkul attract tourists.

If you wish, you can take the various guided tours that are conducted. Besides, activities such as bouldering, rock climbing, and fishing are also prevalent around the town.

6. Chitkul Cuisine

As in many other numerous hilly regions, Momos and Thukpa are the chief eating delights in Chitkul.

Noodles and parathas also form a part of Chitkul’s authentic cuisine.

Numerous dhabas and small eateries are scattered along the region; all of them are trying.

7. Accommodation

Chitkul has a neat PWD Rest House where you can board. Further, the town has many local and amazing home-stays.Chitkul also has some photogenic camping sites, where you can root your camping gear and sleep under the stars.

8. Things to Remember

Chitkul, despite being a very local and hilly region, has decent electricity and water supply. The town does not have an ATM, so it is suggestible you carry hard cash. The mobile connectivity in Chitkul is not very helpful.

Chitkul is a wonderful place and worthy of visiting at least once in your lifetime. With this Chitkul Travel Guide, you can plan out a charming trip.

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