6 Incredible Things To Do In Vrindavan

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6 Incredible Things To Do In Vrindavan

Vrindavan, a destination that is more than just being any other geographic location, has stolen the hearts of many. With an essence of spirituality encircling this holy town, Vrindavan is one of its kind. Dozens of temples, constructed in all shapes and sizes, can be seen covering the floors.

Vrindavan is said to be a major part of Lord Krishna’s childhood. It was here that Lord Krishna and Goddess Radha’s love story bloomed, and all the stories of the notorious side of the Lord with Gopis were based on.

With tranquility and serenity being synonymous with this destination, there are a plethora of places to witness and things to do in Vrindavan. The destination witnesses a myriad of pilgrims visiting all year round. For first time visitors, here are a few experiences that are a must try in this holy town of Lord Krishna!

Best Things To Do in Vrindavan, India

There are countless things to do in Vrindavan, India – from marveling at the stunning temples to sipping on delicious lassis, from savoring mouth-watering sweets to being a part of the lively festivals. Find below a few of those experiences that will make your vacation fun and memorable. Who knows, you might just fall under the town’s spell and crave to visit again soon, like so many other Krishna devotees!

  1. Vrindavan Parikrama: Circle Around The Town
  2. Banke Bihari: Visit The Most Important Attraction
  3. Delicacies: Relish The Most Delicious Pedas!
  4. ISKCON Vrindavan: Lose Yourself In Melodious Rhythms Of Kirtan
  5. Nidhi Van: Witness The Spot For Rasleela
  6. Prem Mandir
Things to do in Vrindavan

1. Vrindavan Parikrama: Circle Around The Town

The Parikrama is a major ritual in Hinduism that involves moving in a clockwise direction around a spot or an object as a sign of reverence for their Lords. The Vrindavan Parikrama is one of the biggest pilgrimages of this kind, with several hundred thousand people participating in it.

The Vrindavan Parikrama Marg is 13 kilometers long and it takes approximately three hours to walk the entire route. People of all ages can be seen taking part in this ritual, making their way around the temple town.

If you wish to witness the best of the experience, plan your trip according to the Ekadashi from the Hindu calendar. It is on this day that a huge number of pilgrims get together and walk around, chanting the Maha Mantra.

Tip: It is best to go for Parikrama early in the morning from ISKCON Vrindavan.

6 Incredible Things To Do In Vrindavan

2. Banke Bihari: Visit The Most Important Attraction

When in Vrindavan, be sure to visit the Banke Bihari Temple – it’s one of the most popular and significant temples in the city. The Banke Bihari Temple is dedicated to Thakur of Vrindavan, and it’s a beautiful display of Rajasthani architecture with its arched windows and stunning stonework. The melodious chants of Radha Krishna can be heard from far away, making it a truly peaceful and magical place to experience.

The temple is usually quite crowded, especially on weekends, but it’s still possible to find a sense of calmness amongst the hustle and bustle. When visiting the temple, be sure to get Chandan tika from one of the many stalls – it’s bound to freshen up your mind!

Tip: It is best to visit the temple in the early hours of the morning.

3. Delicacies: Relish The Most Delicious Pedas!

In addition to the temples and holy rituals, Vrindavan is also known for its delicious snacks and refreshing lassis. Whether you prefer sweet or savory, spiced or plain, lassi is a must-try when visiting Vrindavan. The best place to enjoy this refreshing drink is from one of the many markets near the Banke Bihari temple.

Another thing you must try while in Vrindavan are the mithais, especially the pedas. The variety of Indian sweets found here can surely be overwhelming, but they are so delicious that you’ll just keep wanting more and more. Made with all desi ghee, the mithais from Vrindavan can also make for the best kind of souvenirs – just saying!

Tip: Get a box of mixed sweets from the little shops sitting on either side of the narrow street that leads to Banke Bihari Temple.

Sri Sri Krishna Balram Temple

4. ISKCON Vrindavan: Lose Yourself In Melodious Rhythms Of Kirtan

The ISKCON temple in Vrindavan is one of the most famous places to visit. Also known as Krishna Balaram Mandir, the temple was established to promote the teachings of the Vedas and the holy Bhagavad Gita.

Constructed in 1975, ISKCON Vrindavan is renowned for its tranquility and marvelous structure. The entire temple is made of white marble and has an archway that leads straight to the samadhi of Swami Prabupada, who founded ISKCON.

The establishment has not only spread the teachings of Bhagavad Gita in India, but all across the globe. One can join the devotees in temple dance to the rhythm of kirtan or lose themselves in the harmonious music of the prayers.

Tip: ISKCON Temple is very particular about the timings. Make sure you visit the temple before 8 pm.

nidhivan vrindavan

5. Nidhi Van: Witness The Spot For Rasleela

Vrindavan is a destination that is known for being a destination that has holy tales revolving around Lord Krishna, Sri Radha, and the gopis. One such place in Vrindavan, where Krishna rested with Radha is Nidhi Van, a shrine. There is a bed that is decorated every evening by the priests.

It is believed that every night, Lord Krishna visits the spot with Radha and performs the famous Ras Leela along with gopis. Because of this, no one is allowed inside the premises after the sun settles down. There is a tale of a priest who was found dead after spending a night inside the shrine – it is said that he disturbed their play and was cursed by Lord Krishna.

Tip: Make sure you keep your cameras safe from the notorious monkeys found here!

Prem Mandir by Travelmonkrider

6.Prem Mandir

Spread in a vast 55 acres of land, Prem Mandir in Vrindavan is not just a temple but an alluring piece of architecture, much admired by the visitors. Completed in 2012, the mandir holds a number of Idols Sri Radha Krishna. Prem, a Hindi word translating to Love in English, the temple also illustrates the eternal love between Lord Krishan and Radhe.

The temple’s exterior is just as beautiful as its interior, with lovely gardens and landscapes. The temple is located in a prime spot in Vrindavan, making it one of the most amazing places to visit. Inside the temple, there is a special platform that allows visitors to get a great view of 48 panels that depict the life of Lord Krishna. The temple also hosts events such as the Jagadguruttam Diwas Mahotsav, which is a grand celebration.

Location: Chhatikara, Road, Raman Reti, Vrindavan, Uttar Pradesh 281121

Entry FeeNo Entry Fee

Timing: 5:30–6:30 am, 8:30 am–12 pm, 4:30–8 pm (All Year)

Best Time to Visit: October To April

Vrindavan is the perfect place to go if you’re looking for peace and calm. With plenty of things to do, you’re sure to have the time of your life. The town is known for being a holy place dedicated to Lord Krishna, and you can witness temples, priests, and various ashrams here. So, the next time you plan a trip to Uttar Pradesh, make sure you add Vrindavan to your list!

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